Twisting Truth

They claimed a special and close relationship with God. That was a lie. It was a lie they promoted, a lie they believed and a lie that caused them to leave the Body of Christ. The beloved disciple, writes a letter (i.e., 1John) to respond to those dissenters and to affirm the faithful.

John reminds his readers that “God is light” and because of His holy nature He cannot fellowship with people who are not absolutely pure, righteous and good. How is it then they can claim to be in fellowship with God?

Moreover, the dissenters are claiming to be without sin. Not only have they brought a holy God down but they have raised themselves up. The result is that no gap exists between them and God. They don’t need to be saved by Jesus. In fact, they reject God’s salvation plan and Jesus as God’s Anointed One. Not because they are not spiritual, but because of their false spirituality.

I share this quick recap of 1Jn 1:5-10 to raise these two questions:

  1. What are some of the ways that spiritual people are twisting the Gospel today?
  2. What can believers to strengthen their understanding and practice of true faith?
Photo by byronv2
Photo by byronv2



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