Media.Faith.Culture Parents 101 with Brett Ullman

Parents and Grandparents are invited to join us for this enlightening seminar looking at some of the issues facing our students today. If you plan on attending, please RSVP using the form below and feel free to invite a friend.

Growing up, you didn’t have the Internet, your friends didn’t cut themselves and text messaging wasn’t even on the radar. How can we help guide our children to live Godly lives amidst this kind of cultural climate?

Brett Ullman discusses, from a parent’s perspective, sensitive topics affecting today’s young people including cutting, suicide, substance abuse, sex and violence. Bringing hope and an awareness to today’s parents, Brett sheds light on how with increased knowledge of youth trends, adults can be more discerning in their parenting strategies and better able to anticipate the needs of their children as they navigate the often challenging waters of adolescence.

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