Are You Up For The Berean Challenge?

Are You Up For The Berean Challenge?

The Bereans that heard Paul speak at the Jewish synagogue (Acts 17:10-11) were favourably compared to other audiences, they were of “more noble character”. What did they do to receive such praise?

Well not only were they receptive to the Good News of Jesus, but they carefully examined Scripture to discern whether Paul’s preaching aligned with God’s Word. The Bereans were deep thinkers in pursuit of truth.

The fourth emphasis of our church’s vision is to be:

thinking deep to live fully and faithfully in an ever-changing world.

The Berean Challenge

The “Berean Challenge” is to commit to spending 30 minutes every week between now and Easter (April 21) in pursuing truth by thinking deep. Here are three suggestions of what you could do in those 30 minutes.

  1. Listen to the most recent sermon. Sermons can be downloaded and then listened to during an opportune time (e.g., during a commute, while doing a household chore). You can find our sermon archive here. Ask God to impress upon you one application point as you listen.
  2. Read a book from our library. Our library has an excellent selection of books that will promote a pursuit of truth. Check one out and read it. There are additional bonuses to reading long-form writing (e.g., novels, non-fiction books) including an increase in empathy and a reduction of stress.
  3. Watch a video series from RightNow Media. Our church has a subscription to a streaming catalogue of online Bible studies and faith-building resources. Maybe you didn’t know we had this subscription. Send me an email and I will invite you (see below). There is no charge to you. Here are a few video series for you to consider:
    1. Francis Chan, The Gospel of Mark
    2. John Ortberg, All The Places To Go
    3. Bianca Juarez Olthoff, The Book of Ruth

Your Turn

Leave a comment on the blog post that you are taking the challenge. Tell us what you are going to do. Cheer someone else along who has already left a comment.

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