Connecting to God’s Grid

Connecting to God’s Grid

America experienced unprecedented economic growth in the years following World War II. Yet this increase in material resources did not translate into human flourishing. In those same years, there was an explosion of mental illness, particularly among young people. In response, the Commission on Children at Risk conducted a study. It published its finding in 2003, suggesting that children are biologically hardwired for connection with other people and with the transcendent, that is, with God.

Scripture teaches that from the very first, humans have rejected God’s sovereignty. We usually crown ourselves in his place. The result is a primary disconnect between God and mankind and secondary disconnects with self, others and the world. To expand the metaphor, fallen humanity is off the divine grid, left to try to power its own flourishing.

The risen Lord Jesus is the pioneer of salvation (Heb 2:10, Heb 12:1-2). By his faithfulness, even unto death, he sufficiently and uniquely did what was necessary to reconnect fallen humans with a holy God. God’s wrath is absorbed, human sin is forgiven and reconciliation is made possible. When we, by faith, accept this gracious gift, then we are back on line. We have been reconnected with God and we now have access to divine resources to enable us to flourish in our relationships with self, others and the world.

Just as our homes are on the electrical grid, but that power must be intentionally accessed, so in our spiritual lives, although God’s power is available, we must decided to avail ourselves of it.

What are you doing to plug into God’s grid so that you can flourish?


  1. Betty Born-Smit

    Thanks Dave for this article. I have discovered this to be so true in my own life. I think the original sin temptation is with all of us to be our own god and make our own choices even when we know what the right choice is. In my own life this has proven to be a futile effort that does disconnect me to God, others and eventually myself. I was not created to order my steps and to have my own purpose and plan for my life my Creator is. What a great relief when I was able to rest in this and trust that God knows me better than I know myself, after all He created me for His good pleasure and for His purposes. I found comfort in understanding that without the presence and purpose of God there is nothing I can do that will matter. All that the world has to offer will fade but the Love of God for His creation will never cease. Praise be to our Lord God Who has made a way that is perfect.

  2. Dave (Author)

    Betty your comments are spot on and in good company.
    Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

  3. Dan

    Seems simple enough…oohhhh but that human nature is a stubborn thing!!
    That quote from Augustine was exactly what I was thinking…glad you used it on the previous entry!
    The sooner one realizes it – the better.
    If God is your co-pilot…you better change seats!

    • Dave (Author)

      Isn’t it the case that plugging into God’s power and presence involves moving out of his place and prerogatives! How many times do I fail to hear the Lord because I am ‘talking’.

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