Parents Night @ Today’s Teens

Parents Night @ Today’s Teens


We want to send you to an evening designed to encourage and equip you! The Today’s Teens Conference has been running now for 35 years and has a night that is just for you. On Friday Feb 23 at 7:30 you may choose to attend either one of the seminars below (and we will cover the cost).

  1. What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do – Parenting teens can be extremely challenging! This workshop discusses how to successfully navigate the transition from parenting children to parenting teens and the impact today’s culture is having on the behaviour and development of our youth.  Parents will receive practical examples of how to respond to anxiety, depression, and other current issues facing today’s teens while still maintaining a strong relationship with their child.
  2. Smart Parenting for a Smartphone Generation – They are the first generation for whom Internet access is constantly available wherever they are and this has serious consequences.  This seminar will look at some of these consequences such as declining mental health, growing up more slowly, struggles with real relationships, and smartphone addictions. Practical helps on how we can respond as parents, youth workers, and teachers will also be provided.

Once you have decided which seminar you want to attend, use the form below to place your order by FEB 14 and we will order you tickets and deliver them to you at church on Sunday Feb 18.

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