Finding your elemental waters

Finding your elemental waters

A swan is not the most becoming creature on land, but out on the water it is sleek and graceful. That is the place it is at home, that is the context for which it was designed.

Discerning God’s unique call upon our lives, his vocational call,  is very much discovering one’s elemental waters. Where am I at home? What engagements with my world manifest God’s grace in my life?  What kind of work aligns with who God has created, gifted and equipped me to be?

Four Questions to Ask

Gordon T. Smith, suggests four questions we need to ask as we seek clarity concerning God’s vocational call:

  1. What are my abilities, skills and giftings?
  2. What is my personality?
  3. Where do my godly passions and interests lie?
  4. What expressions of brokenness and need elicit a response in me?

Smith suggests that we can begin to clarify God-honouring passions and interests by reflecting on what events and accomplishments have brought us joy. With a list before us, we then need to ask the deeper question, what about those things generates a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

The needs of the world, even our local slice, are insufficient on their own to clarify our vocational calling. We must ask what kind of needs do I feel God has equipped me to address. What kind of brokenness compels me to act?

Sincere Feedback is Helpful

As we seek to discern our vocational calling, sincere and sensitive feedback from the believing community can be of great assistance. Thoughtful words of encouragement will instill courage when we doubt that a certain work of service is congruent with who God has designed us to be. Likewise a sensitive word of redirection will help us when we are trying to paddle like a swan, when God has equipped us to soar like an eagle.

Your turn

There are plenty of resources to assist people with understanding their strengths and temperament. Have you used something that you would like to recommend?


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