Is It Pie Or Cake?

Is It Pie Or Cake?

Pie is the only dessert. That is my opinion and it has been ever since I could work a fork. As a boy, I suffered mixed feelings when I saw my mom making a pie. There was delight,  anticipating a crust that crumbled, spilling sweet or tangy filling onto my palate. There was despair,  knowing this delicacy would have to be shared with guests and family. The more that was seated to dine, the less of the pie would be mine!

Creation Pie

Some believers consider the interplay between science and God the Creator like a pie. The more that science explains about origins through natural processes, the less there is to attribute to God’s supernatural work. Science is seen as competing with God for credit and credibility. When science explains something rightly, then God is made smaller.

We don’t need to see the relationship in terms of winner and loser. We need a different framework, a different dessert.

Creation Layer Cake

It would be better if we considered the interplay between God the Creator and science as a layer cake. On the top layer God is understood to be the ultimate author of space, time and matter. God, who always was, is the first cause of all things in the cosmos.

The lower layer represents natural processes. These are the means by which God accomplishes his creative will. His purposes superintend and direct the second layer. When science rightly explains an aspect of the cosmos is does not detract or diminish God, rather it reveals the details of his authorship.

Your turn

How do you understand the relationship between science and the Creator God?


  1. Mary Lou Hemlow

    Thank you for this message Dave.

    Herbert spencer, a scientist, philosopher and cynic who was not a Christian and who died in 1903 said,
    “Everything in the universe falls into one of five categories; time, force action, space and matter. The very first sentence of the bible contains them all,

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

    I find this astounding.

    Another thing that struck me as I was listening to Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio is that scientists have determined that the only constant in the universe is the speed of light. A simple fisherman 2000 years ago described Jesus as the light of the world. In our world of relativity, God is the only constant and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    The older I get, the more there is to learn, but any misunderstanding or lack of knowledge always lies with me, not with God or His Word.

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