Have You Been Hosted By Jesus Lately?

Have You Been Hosted By Jesus Lately?

Jesus wanted to host his disciples at the Passover meal. He eagerly desired to do so. He still does. He wants to host you and me at his Table.

The Lord’s Supper emerged from the Last Supper and the Last Supper was the final Passover Jesus celebrated with his disciples during his earthly ministry. Against the backdrop of this holy festival celebrating God’s merciful deliverance of the Jewish people, Jesus recasts and creates a new memorial meal. One that points to God’s deliverance of sinners from the power and penalty of sin.

As Jesus hosted that meal he used unleavened bread and a cup of wine to create new spiritual metaphors of God’s redemptive work. The bread and cup are to remind disciples that Jesus has given his all, his very life so that all who believe in him are forgiven, made new and made all right with God. What Jesus did that night for those first disciples he did for all his disciples. Jesus created a new memorial meal, a new celebration of which he is always the host.

When we gather at the Lord’s Supper it is very right for us to remember our Lord. To remember that he sacrificed his all that we might be forgiven and made new. It is very right for us to examine ourselves and recommit to obeying our Lord and building up his Church. But too often we stop there. We fail to anticipate that at the Table we can re-connect with Jesus. We are not expecting to feel the presence of Jesus, to commune with him, or receive from him fresh vitality. Reformed theologian John Calvin explained it this way: Just as the sun remains in heaven but its warmth and light are felt on earth, so the living presence of Jesus is radiated by the Holy Spirit to participants at the Lord’s Table. By the Spirit, our relationship with Jesus is deepened.

Next time you participate in the Lord’s Supper come expecting more. Bring all that you are, your sins, your anxieties, your frailties and infirmities and seek to receive from Jesus all that he chooses to give you. Be restored and strengthened by his forgiveness, his wisdom, and his healing.

What helps you re-connect to Jesus?