PDAC in Four Words

PDAC in Four Words

If I were given just four words to summarize their recommendations they would be: experience, express, incorporate and equip. I really wanted to spell incorporated with an ‘e’ so they would all begin with the same letter, but my spell checker had a fit.

Over the past several months a group appointed by the Board of Elders has met four times to review, to pray and to discuss PDAC’s unique calling as a Christ-centred local church. The group wasn’t trying to redefine the mission of the Church, rather they were trying to define where God is particularly leading PDAC in the next three years?

This work resulted in a 14-page report to the Board of Elders. In this post, I am just trying to highlight some of that content. I invite you to interact with this summary. Leave comments and questions. Pray about it. Here goes!

The group envisions our church being ‘loving, going and growing’, empowered by our encounters with God. Our church will:

  • Experience God’s presence (prayer, renewal, healing)
  • Express God’s love to one another (our community will have a ‘family’ feel)
  • Incorporate others into our community (outreach and integration)
  • Equip people for living out their faith (education, discipleship, mentoring)

As you are quick to see, my summary is not 14 pages. I have not included all that is in the report. Not even close. But I hope I have given you a feel.

I would love to hear your comments and questions.


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