Connect Group Leader Resources

Connect Group Leader Resources

Hi Connect Group Leaders!

There’s a list of studies that the church owns that are now available in the church library “Connect Groups” section. Check them out!

This list includes the following studies that other groups have done and recommend for you:

  • “Community: Starting Well in Your Small Group” by Andy Stanley, video series on RightNow Media. This series encourages new groups to get to know each other well, especially through sharing testimonies.
  • “Follow Me” by David Platt. A joint video/book series; copies available in the church library.
  • “Real Life” by Akshay Rajkumar. A video series on RightNow Media offers incredible perspective on how to apply Philippians to our everyday lives.

Do you have a recommendation that should go on this list? Email Nathan!


Here are some resources that Nathan recommends:

  • Group Leaders. This site has a few free resources for studies, but what makes this site great is the high quality leadership training videos. Start with “The Eight Leadership Essentials” (Video). If you think there is one area that you or your group need to do better on, this site has additional videos for each leadership essential.
  • RightNow Media. If you do not already have a RightNow Media subscription click here. This site is an amazing library of videos. We have our own library of suggestions and recommendations, just click “Libraries” and then “Paramount Drive Alliance Church“. They also have whole pages of leader training videos (here and here).
  • The Bible Project. This YouTube Channel puts out amazing content. If you’re doing a biblical book study, consider watching the Read Scripture Series video that relates to that book with your Connect Group. Through lovely animation, they walk through the literary outline of each biblical book in a way that will give you and your group a deeper understanding of the themes, context, and literary structure of the book. Nathan listens to the creators’ weekly podcast and has found it helpful in his continuing education.