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Updated April 12, 2024

The entries vary in nature but each one will encourage and equip you to grow as a follower of Jesus.

Pick one and do it. It is that simple.

Bible Reading Plan On YouVersion

Not yet familiar with YouVersion? Click this link for more information. Do you want to consider doing a reading plan with others? Click this link to find out more about that option.

Journey Through John (24 Days)

This plan is designed for new Bible readers to teach and model a simple process for ordinary people to hear God’s voice within God’s Word and grow in their understanding of Him. See more details here.

Heal: God’s Heart for Healing in the Gospels (27 Days)

Jesus’ healing ministry addresses body, soul and spirit. This study may change the way you view healing, and most importantly draw you closer to our Heavenly Father. See more details here.

Introduction to the Christian Faith by BibleProject 

This reading plan is designed to introduce the main beliefs of Christianity through a study of the overarching storyline and themes of the Bible. See here for more details.

RightNow Media

Not yet familiar with RightNow Media? Click this link for more information. Want to explore using RightNow Media with a group of people? Click this link for assistance.

“Single in the Church” a podcast hosted by Faith Today

Karissa, Barry and Karen Stiller have a wide-ranging conversation about singleness and sexuality — and offer some varied opinions — what singles can offer to the traditional family model, and how our spiritual families are so much healthier when everyone is seen, heard and valued. This 40-minute podcast can be accessed here.

Pete Greig, How to Hear God

This 58-minute sermon can be accessed here on YouTube.


ReKindle – A conversation toward catalyzing spiritual renewal, disciple making and mission in the church and among her leaders. Join reKindle Podcast hosts, Doug Balzer, Sarah Hunter, Jerin Thomas and Nick Kadun as they explore the integration of making disciples in the empowerment of the Spirit for the sake of reaching the least-reached – here, there and everywhere. The hosts are serving within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and are based in Calgary, Canada. Available here.
Scripture Untangled By Canadian Bible Society – Scripture Untangled brings you influential voices from across Canada and beyond, sharing both the impact of Scripture in their own lives, as well as how they have honestly wrestled with big and important questions of faith in Christ and the contents of Scripture. Available here.
Equipping Godly Women Podcast – In this podcast, listeners dive deep into what it really means to be a committed follower of Christ, practical strategies for living out faith as a Christian woman in today’s busy world, and so much more. Available here.
Back to the Bible Canada with Dr. John Neufeld is a podcast released 5 times/week (avg length 24 min). Available here.
The Faith Today Podcast – Conversation inspired by Canada’s Christian magazine. The podcast features interviews with Canadian Christians as they sort through the pressing issues of the day and topics like spiritual growth and health, other religions, religious freedom, vocation, and tough questions of faith and living in contemporary society. Available here.
Insight for Living Canada – The Bible-teaching ministry of Charles. R. Swindoll. Available here.

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