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Updated Jan. 26, 2023

The entries vary in nature but each one will encourage and equip you to grow as a follower of Jesus.

Pick one and do it. It is that simple.

Talks and Sermons

Being Generous

Being generous is much more about attitude than amount. Contrary to cultural voices, the abundant life is not synonymous with the abundance of possessions. Jesus invites us to contribute to Kingdom ventures. This three-part series can be accessed online here.


Three-part series concerning being witnesses for Jesus.  We are not called to deploy a methodology but to discern in whom God is already working and join Him there. This is something ordinary believers can do, starting now, by the power of the Holy Spirit, even with those whose views and lifestyles differ from ours. Those talks can be accessed online here.

Follow Me 

How do we faithfully follow Jesus in the 21C? This nine-part series looks at that from four particular postures: Looking Up (Worship), Leaning In (Fellowship), Reaching Out (Evangelism) and Thinking Deep (Discipleship). Those talks can be accessed online here.

Bible Reading Plan On YouVersion

Not yet familiar with YouVersion? Click this link for more information. Do you want to consider doing a reading plan with others? Click this link to find out more about that option.

Upside-Down Kingdom Part 2 – Acts (20 Days)

BibleProject designed Upside-Down Kingdom Part 2 to inspire individuals, small groups, and families to read through Acts in 20 days. This plan incorporates animated videos, insightful summaries, and reflective questions to help participants encounter Jesus and engage with the author’s brilliant literary design and flow of thought. See here for more details.

On The Holy Spirit by A. W. Tozer (7 Days)

According to Tozer, the Spirit is neglected by the modern church. But when believers know the Spirit—intimately and accurately—they experience freedom from stagnancy. They know power and life. This devotional explores many of the defining characteristics of the Holy Spirit. Each day stokes the believer’s internal desire to hunger and thirst after the Spirit of God. See here for more details.

RightNow Media

Not yet familiar with RightNow Media? Click this link for more information. Want to explore using RightNow Media with a group of people? Click this link for assistance.
Six video sessions, average length 39 minutes. You can access the study from this link.

The Acts of the Apostles by Louie Giglio

In a world that is unsure of where to find truth or purpose, the book of Acts stands apart. It reveals God’s plan for global redemption, his purpose for our lives, and the power he has given us to accomplish his mission.
Eight video sessions, average length 20 minutes. You can access the study from this link.

Other Resources

Read Scripture App – Spend quality time reading the Bible daily while learning how to read it with contextual videos from The Bible Project. Available here.
Theme Videos by the BibleProject – Discover big ideas core to the biblical story from their first appearance through the entire narrative of the Bible. Available here.
Back to the Bible Canada with Dr. John Neufeld is a podcast released 5 times/week (avg length 24 min). Available here.
Lectio 365 –  A free daily devotional resource for your smartphone that helps you pray the Bible every day. Click this link for more info.
Faith Today – A Canadian Christian magazine that connects, informs and profiles Evangelicals across all national Protestant traditions. Click here for online version.

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