Discipleship Menu Board

Discipleship Menu Board

Discipleship Menu Board (July 1 to Sept 30)

Take a look through what we are offering over the next three months. The entries are not the same, some are face-to-face gatherings while others are self-directed options using online or printed resources. What they have in common is that each one will encourage and equip you in growing as a follower of Jesus.

Pick one and do it. It is that simple.

How to Read the Bible Series (The Bible Project Youtube Channel)

This multi-part video series helps remind us that the Bible is one unified story leading to Jesus. It explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible, but the best part is the introduction to some of the basic skills necessary for reading the bible effectively. Start with “The Story of the Bible“.

Youth Summer Bible Reading Together

1. Download the YouVersion Bible App.
2. Add Friend: search nathanstevenmartin (I should be the only result).
3. Nathan will add you to a reading plan that we can all do together! Ask questions, leave comments, and encourage each other throughout the summer.

Family Activity Backpacks 

Families!  Looking for a great way to study God’s word together and have fun doing it?  Sign out one of four Family Action Packs with all the supplies you need! 

 *Pizza, God and Me – While making pizza, discover how special God made each of us. 

 *Operation Cookie Creation – Discover the importance of following God’s word while making chocolate chip cookies.   

 *We all ‘Knead’ Jesus – Making bread, and understanding why each of us needs to have Jesus as our Saviour. 

 *Who Knows My Name – Learning about the different names of God, their meanings, and playing a fun family game. 

For more information on signing out a backpack, contact Pastor Tracy at tphelps@pdac-cma.com 

Try out a Connect Group this Fall

Connect Groups are smaller gatherings of people who look up, lean in, reach out, and think deep in community together. Most of our Connect Groups meet weekly in each other’s homes, and many are looking for new members in the fall. Come check out a group to see if it’s a good fit for you.

For more information or to join: https://pdacfamily.com/ministries/connect-groups/

Our Daily Bread Devotional

Find encouragement for everyday life in this popular daily devotional filled with stories, personal application, and wisdom from the life-changing Word of God.

Available in regular and large print at the Connection Corner in the Foyer.

The Book of Titus (Chip Ingram via RightNow Media)

In this Book of the Bible series, Chip Ingram unpacks the book of Titus. He challenges us to display the gospel in our lives through doing good. We do good works not to earn God’s favour, but as a result of God’s favour. When the gospel has truly taken root in our lives, it produces the fruit of godliness. As we pass these things on to future generations, the Church stands in bright contrast to the darkness of the world. Check it out here.
Not yet familiar with our church’s subscription to RightNow Media, click here.

The Marriage Tune-Up

This is a four-week devotional designed to help you tune-up your marriage as you read God’s word together, pray together, and read insight from great teachers.

Available at the Connection Corner in the Foyer.

Counterfeit Gods – Book by Tim Keller

Keller writes, “Though we think we live in a secular world, idols, the glittering gods of our age, hold title to the functional trust of our hearts…The only way to free ourselves from the destructive influence of counterfeit gods is to turn back to the true one.”

This 210-page book is available at our church library or Amazon.ca.


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