Soul Fatigue

Soul Fatigue

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Soul fatigue is more than being physically tired, it is a fraying of the integrated self. We no longer can keep ‘it’ together. We are off-kilter, our relationships off-centre and God is off-stage.

What do the symptoms of soul fatigue look like? Check out this list:

  • lack of emotional resilience – we are irritable, short-fused
  • indecisive – even basic decisions are a chore
  • will power is depleted – we give into temptations
  • less confident – we are more tentative, even fearful

Jesus invites us to come to Him, to take His yoke and to learn from Him and He will give us rest for our souls (Mat 11:28-30). Jesus’ yoke is not oppressive. His teaching will not weigh us down, but will help us carry our earthly cares and responsibilities. Sabbath (Mat 12:1-12) is a great aid to putting into practice what Jesus teaches. At its core Sabbath is a regular and intentional pause from our regular pursuits. We stop so we can reconnect to the Lord of the Sabbath. We stop so that our spirit, mind and body can be renewed. We stop so that we can enjoy and encourage those we love.

What do you do to place your fatigued soul before the good shepherd to be restored?


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