The Holy Spirit of Christmas

The Holy Spirit of Christmas

Luke describes her as being “filled with the Holy Spirit”. He is talking about Elizabeth, who is pregnant with the forerunner to the Messiah (we know him as John the Baptizer). What does it mean to “be filled with the Holy Spirit”?

Pure Excitement buy Renate Flynn via Flickr
Photo by Renate Flynn via Flickr

Well, first off don’t think of “being filled” in the way you think of your plate being filled with food. The Holy Spirit is not something that is portioned out. There is no having seconds on the Holy Spirit like there is on turkey and stuffing.

Better to think of being filled in the way a child is filled with excitement on Christmas morning. She is permeated by delight. Someone that is filled by the Holy Spirit is engulfed by His influence and directed by His presence.

Back to Elizabeth. She is influenced by the Holy Spirit, by whom she is empowered for good. There should be no fear here. Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as another Advocate. He is other than Jesus but very much like Jesus. He is divine as Jesus is; He is trustworthy as Jesus is; and He is full of grace and truth as Jesus is.

As an advocate, He is for us, for our true good. He is a helper, a counsellor, a coach and enabler. Those of us who are followers of Jesus will be at home living under the influence of the Holy Spirit of Christmas.



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