The Little Things Matter

The Little Things Matter

We were asked this past Sunday:

What are some practical ways to start being a good neighbor right now?

Great question!

Jay Pathak and  Dave Runyon, in their book The Art of Neighboring, write:

When it comes to neighboring, it’s important to figure out how we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. It may not seem that we have much, but when we give from what we have, something sacred happens. God uses the small things that we bring to him and multiplies them into a miracle in someone else’s life.

Sharing by Hoffnungsschimmer via FlickrHere is a list of ‘small things’ to prime the pump. I would love to hear what others do and think about this question.

  • make the effort to know a person’s name
  • take time to converse beyond the superficial
  • consciously listen to people when they talk
  • be open to sharing – giving and receiving

What else would you suggest. Leave it in a comment.

Photo Credit – Sharing by Hoffnungsschimmer via Flickr


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